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The Fort Levels Up.

Updated: Mar 18

Title image: The Fort Levels Up.

The Fort Disc Golf Course in Ogden, Utah, has become a state-wide benchmark for county support and community collaboration in disc golf. It's a testament to the positive impact counties can have on the sport's growth. With recent upgrades, unwavering commitment from Weber County, and the organization of significant events like The Beehive Classic, The Fort is setting a standard for how counties across the state can embrace and promote disc golf. This model offers valuable lessons for Salt Lake County and Utah County, showcasing the benefits of investing in disc golf as a means to enhance community engagement, outdoor recreation, and local tourism.

An MVP Black Hole Portal at Hole 1 at The Fort Disc Golf Course in Ogden Utah
Hole 1

Strategic Investments Pay Dividends

The Fort's recent introduction of top-of-the-line MVP Black Hole Portal v2 baskets and new red tee pads, following the significant flooding in Spring 2023, exemplifies the importance of investing in high-quality infrastructure. These upgrades not only improve the player experience but also pay homage to James Conrad's "Holy Shot", an iconic moment in the sport's history. The commitment to maintaining a world-class facility underscores the value of disc golf as a community asset that encourages active, outdoor lifestyles.

Weber County's Role: A Paradigm of Support

The proactive involvement of Weber County in The Fort's rehabilitation and enhancement is a testament to the potential of county support in developing disc golf facilities. The county recognized the sport's value in promoting community well-being, fostering social connections, and attracting attention to the region. Their actions serve as a compelling example for Salt Lake County and Utah County, highlighting how governmental backing can accelerate the growth of disc golf and its positive impact on communities.

An MVP Black Hole Portal at Hole 16 at The Fort Disc Golf Course in Ogden Utah, where James hit The Holy Shot
Hole 16

Fueled by Donations

Weber County has adopted a practical approach to maintaining and enhancing The Fort Disc Golf Course through a modest donation request for daily play. This method of funding allows players to contribute directly to the course's continuous improvement and upkeep. The contributions are directly reinvested into the course, covering costs for new baskets, tee pads, and essential maintenance work. This self-funding model promotes a community-driven effort to support the course's development, ensuring that The Fort can sustain its growth and enhancements through the generosity and engagement of its players.

An MVP Black Hole Portal at Hole 5 at The Fort Disc Golf Course in Ogden Utah
Hole 5

Fostering Community Through Collaboration

Cody Nebeker and Disctracted, the on-site disc golf shop at The Fort, have been pivotal in both shaping the course and driving its continued enhancement. Through their efforts, they have not only provided a steady source of funding through lease dollars but also fostered a community-centric atmosphere that values growth and improvement. Additionally, the innovative approach of the "Flex at the Fort" leagues, which introduce new layouts weekly by utilizing various tee pads (Red, Blue, and Gold), has proven to be a successful model for stimulating continuous course development. This dynamic method of operation encourages regular updates and upgrades, ensuring that The Fort remains a top-tier destination for disc golfers of all levels, further cementing its status as a beacon of community engagement and course evolution.

Discstracted Disc Golf Shop
Discstracted Disc Golf Shop

The Beehive Classic: Spotlighting Competitive Excellence

Beehive Classic Logo

The inclusion of The Fort in the DGPT Q-Series through The Beehive Classic, with its $10,000 added cash and status as a stepping stone to the DGPT tour, exemplifies the benefits of hosting premier disc golf events. These competitions bring together top talent and foster a competitive spirit. Additionally, The Beehive Classic will generate an economic boost for Weber County through increased tourism, hotel stays, and local business patronage. For counties like Salt Lake County and Utah County, embracing such events could significantly enhance their profiles within the national disc golf community and generate similar economic benefits.

Hole 8 @ The Fort Disc Golf Course
Hole 8

A Model for Future Development

The Fort Disc Golf Course represents a blueprint for how county-supported disc golf initiatives can thrive. It provides valuable lessons in infrastructure investment, community collaboration, and the hosting of major events. As disc golf continues to grow in popularity, the model established by The Fort and Weber County offers a clear path forward for Salt Lake County, Utah County, and others looking to harness the sport's potential to enrich their communities, promote health and wellness, and showcase their regions to a broader audience. Salt Lake County and Utah County could consider replicating this model by conducting feasibility studies, holding community meetings to gauge local interest, and identifying potential courses within their jurisdictions. By following The Fort's lead, these counties can unlock the many benefits that disc golf offers.

Photos courtesy of Erich Fabian

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When you have a destination course, like The Fort, people spend money in your community. You don't just have the locals, but you have people like me who travel from Provo. You eat at least one meal there, buy gas, and when big tournaments are in town, you rent a hotel room. The Fort was a destination before Worlds and the Holy Shot. Now it's a pilgrimage destination. Also let me shout out Cactus Reds as one of the best Mexican places around.

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