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Introducing Tetons Disc Golf Course: A Beginner-Friendly Disc Golf Course in West Jordan, Utah

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Salt Lake County is home to a vibrant disc golf community, but for beginners, finding a course that is both welcoming and challenging can be a daunting task. With only a handful of established 18-hole courses in the area, it can be tough to find a spot to learn and practice without feeling intimidated by more experienced players. Fortunately, that is all about to change with the introduction of The Tetons Disc Golf Course, a brand new 9-hole course in West Jordan, designed specifically for beginners and families.

The idea for the course came from Bob Bumgarner, a longtime disc golf enthusiast who lives in the neighborhood and has been walking in the Teton Estates Park designing holes as he walks his dogs. Bob saw the potential for a beginner-friendly course in the area and began working with Scott Belchak, founder and director of ElevateUT Disc Golf, to pitch the idea to the West Jordan Parks. Scott has a deep history with this park, as he grew up in the neighborhood in the eighties and watched the park get installed as a teenager. The pitch was successful, and with the support of Mayor Dirk Burton, the city agreed to work with ElevateUT to design and install the new course.

The course is designed to teach all aspects of the game with a comfortable and enjoyable distance. With most holes being 300' and under, the course can be played with an ultimate disc, a putter, or a midrange. The course is also designed to limit throws away from private property to reduce friction between players and homeowners. Additionally, the course is designed for maximum site lines for the walking path, ensuring that players and pedestrians can coexist peacefully.

The course offers a very good mix of open holes, where players can air their discs out and watch them fly, as well as holes that require specific shapes. The layout is optimized for beginners, with shorter distances and fewer obstacles than many other courses in the area, making it a great place to learn the game. And with The Tetons Disc Golf Course being the only course in Salt Lake County located in a suburban location, it's perfect for families and kids who can easily ride their bikes to the park to play without needing a ride from a parent.

The course features state of the art equipment, including high-quality baskets provided by MVP Disc Sports (Orange Portal version 2), 5x8 brushed concrete tee pads, signage and multiple installed benches throughout the course.

But The Tetons Disc Golf Course is more than just a new course for West Jordan residents. By embracing disc golf, the city is improving its reputation for outdoor recreation and diversifying its offerings while alleviating stress on current courses. The new course also expands low-cost recreational opportunities for West Jordan residents of all ages, making it a valuable addition to the community.

ElevateUT Disc Golf, the organization behind the design and installation of the course, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to growing the sport of disc golf in Utah. The organization's mission is to educate municipal leaders and install courses, increasing outdoor recreation opportunities for everyone. Scott Belchak and his team organize events and competitions, provide educational resources, and work to raise awareness of the sport throughout the state. ElevateUT also works with cities to help design, develop, install and create ongoing maintenance plans, ensuring that new courses like Tetons can be enjoyed for years to come.

ElevateUT Disc Golf and the city of West Jordan are excited to bring this new course to the community and look forward to seeing players of all skill levels enjoying the game on this brand new, beginner-friendly course.

Cheers and let's find our flow together at The Tetons in West Jordan.

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