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We talk to municipal leaders on your behalf. We build disc golf courses on your behalf. We love doing this. Find below for a sample of how we do it.


Well presented arguments and data in a digestible physical format is not only hard to ignore, it shows what we need: more investment into the sport of disc golf in Utah. Each run of these booklets are printed on high quality paper, gloss, saddlestiched and stapled.  When ideas are presented digitally, they can be mentally thrown away. See below for how this could look with our beloved Creekside Disc Golf Course.

Each run of booklets costs around $200 to print and time to present.

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We are educators, we are builders, we are golfers.

Municipal Education

Growing the sport

We act as a proxy between city parks and the disc golf community. Educating law makers, leaders and park staff on the sport of Disc Golf.

New to disc golf? Come to one of our beginner clinics and join in on our beginner league play.

Volunteer Organization

Fundraiser Events

We have a stable of active and engaged disc golf players that are ready to pick up a shovel or rake and make a difference.

Are you a TD or Course Ambassador for your local Utah Course? We'll help you fundraise for your course by helping you use the PDGA Endowment Program to generate funds.

Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant Support

Are you a city leader interested in adding a course to your parks system? We'll help you get your grant application ready.

Project Planning and Installation

ElevateUT has a track record of success installing disc golf courses in the state of Utah.  Reach out for help with your project today.



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