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State-Level Funding Secured for Draper City's Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course


Exciting news for disc golf enthusiasts in the south part of Salt Lake County! The Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course has recently secured significant funding at the state level. This development marks a major milestone in the creation of an 18-hole disc golf course, catering to beginners and families and enhancing recreational opportunities in the south part of Salt Lake County. With the generous support of state funding, this new course is poised to become a premier destination for disc golfers.

Pioneering the way

The Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course project represents a groundbreaking endeavor in Utah, as it stands as the first of its kind to be fully installed and funded by a municipality with significant state support. This landmark achievement highlights the progressive vision and commitment of ElevateUT Disc golf and Draper City to meet the evolving recreational needs of its community. With substantial state-level funding secured, this project sets a precedent for other municipalities in Utah and beyond, demonstrating the possibilities of collaboration between local governments, state agencies and non-profit organizations to develop high-quality disc golf courses. By pioneering this innovative approach, Draper City and ElevateUT are paving the way for future disc golf projects and showcasing the value of partnerships in enhancing recreational opportunities for all.

Expanding Disc Golf Course Opportunities

The Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course will be a welcome addition to the south part of Salt Lake County, filling the void of disc golf facilities in the area. This city-funded project has received additional financial support through a state-level grant provided by the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation. The funding will be instrumental in transforming the existing protected open space north of the Jordan River Rotary Trailhead into a top-tier disc golf course, creating opportunities for residents and visitors to engage in this growing sport.

Course Design and Environmental Considerations

The development of the Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course will prioritize both player enjoyment and environmental sustainability. The course will span approximately 30 acres, offering ample space for players to navigate through 18 challenging holes. Each tee pad area will feature the addition of shrubs, shade trees, benches, and resting places, ensuring a comfortable and inviting experience for disc golfers. Furthermore, efforts will be made to incorporate native grasses around the greens, fairways, and tee pad areas, while the planting of trees will enhance the course's aesthetics and promote biodiversity. To create a pleasant walking experience, wood chips will be used from tee pad to basket, providing a well-maintained path for players to traverse.

Enriching the Community and Economy

The introduction of the Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course holds tremendous benefits for both the community and the local economy. As the first disc golf course in the south part of Salt Lake County, it will attract players from the region and beyond, bolstering tourism and generating economic activity. Disc golf, with its low entry costs, offers an accessible recreational option for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The course's design, which will cater to beginners while challenging experienced players, ensures a welcoming environment for all skill levels. As players enjoy their rounds, nearby businesses, such as restaurants and convenience stores, are expected to benefit from increased patronage.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

The development of the Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course exemplifies a commitment to environmental stewardship. The project acknowledges the importance of preserving and enhancing the natural landscape by incorporating sustainable practices. Portions of the course will be constructed within an existing conservation easement held by the Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission, safeguarding the area's ecological integrity. The inclusion of native trees, shrubs, and grasses will not only beautify the course but also promote biodiversity and provide valuable shade for disc golfers.

Looking Ahead

While the Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course is currently in the planning and development stage, the secured state-level funding paves the way for its realization. Draper City, in collaboration ElevateUT Disc Golf, will oversee the construction and maintenance of the course, ensuring its completion within a reasonable timeframe. Disc golf enthusiasts and the community at large eagerly anticipate the course's opening, as it promises to be a recreational gem that fosters physical activity, camaraderie, and a deep appreciation for the natural surroundings.

Recent Growth in Disc Golf Courses

In addition to the exciting developments in Draper City, nearby West Jordan has recently experienced remarkable success with its newly established disc golf course, The Tetons. This beginner-friendly 9-hole course has garnered immense popularity among disc golf enthusiasts, evident in its outstanding 4.3 rating on udisc -- the highest rated 9-hole course in the State of Utah.

Since its opening, The Tetons has welcomed a remarkable 410 unique disc golfers who have collectively played over 3,000 rounds in just a few weeks. This exceptional response underscores the growing demand for accessible and well-designed disc golf courses in the region. The success of The Tetons serves as a testament to the increasing popularity of the sport and the positive impact it can have on communities, fostering active outdoor recreation and bringing people together in a vibrant disc golf community.


In conclusion, the secured state-level funding for the Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course heralds a new era of disc golf in the south part of Salt Lake County. With ElevateUT Disc Golf's instrumental role in spearheading the grant submission, the project is set to create an exceptional disc golf experience that combines recreational enjoyment, environmental stewardship, and economic benefits. As the course takes shape, anticipation builds for the day when disc golfers of all backgrounds can gather, compete, and create lasting memories at the Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course.

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John Bradley
John Bradley
Aug 20, 2023

So excited for this course!

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