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Elevating Disc Golf: Celebrating 2024 Grant Awards and Updates on 2023 Projects

Disc golf is soaring to new heights in Utah, thanks to the recent grants awarded by the Utah Outdoor Recreation Office. Four municipalities have been granted funds to develop and enhance disc golf courses, bringing more opportunities for outdoor recreation to communities across the state. Additionally, we'll provide updates on last year's awarded projects, including the status of the Highland and Logan disc golf courses. ElevateUT Disc Golf played a pivotal role in securing grants for Draper, West Jordan, and American Fork, while Infinite Discs was instrumental in obtaining funding for the Logan City grant.

2024 Grant Awards

The Utah Outdoor Recreation Office continues to play a vital role in enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities throughout the state. This year, the office has awarded grants to four municipalities for disc golf course projects (view the entire list here). Here’s a look at the exciting new developments:

City of West Jordan: Sycamores Park Recreation Improvement Project

  • Grant Amount: $200,000

  • Total Project Cost: $2,000,000

  • Project Details: The Sycamores Park improvement project will convert an existing open space area into an active recreation park by adding an eighteen-hole disc golf course and installing mountain biking trails to the area. The project will also include the addition of amenities such as parking and restroom facilities to service the park.

ElevateUT Disc Golf's involvement: ElevateUT Disc Golf was heavily involved in helping assemble the grant and get this project moving.

American Fork City: Art Dye Disc Golf Course Improvements

  • Grant Amount: $35,000

  • Total Project Cost: $102,500

  • Project Details: This project will provide restoration, improvements and modifications to the Art Dye Disc Golf Course. This is a heavily used disc golf course that was initially installed and maintained by volunteers. The city is looking to make a substantial investment in the quality of the disc course and the ongoing maintenance of the course. This includes but is not limited to fencing, concrete tee boxes, benches and trash cans, tree removals and plantings, trail improvements and signage.

ElevateUT Disc Golf's involvement: ElevateUT Disc Golf was involved getting the project started and provided guidance for the grant. ElevateUT Disc Golf will not be involved in the planning and execution of the remodel.

East Carbon City: Book Cliffs Disc Golf Course

  • Grant Amount: $5,000

  • Total Project Cost: $10,000

  • Project Details: The project aims to design and implement a compact 9-hole disc golf course within limited space constraints. The land in question is already a public city park. The construction of the course is low impact to the land, and will create another attraction for locals and tourists to visit the park.

ElevateUT Disc Golf's involvement: No involvement

Manti City: "Frisbee" Golf Course

  • Grant Amount: $5,025

  • Total Project Cost: $10,050

  • Project Details: This project will consist of a 9-hole "frisbee" golf course. We will have a main entrance sign showing the locations of each hole. Each hole will have a 4' x 8' T box of concrete to throw from. "Frisbee" golf will add a new aspect for those kids that are not into traditional sports. This project will also create a safe place for kids and adults alike to come out and enjoy an outside physical activity.

ElevateUT Disc Golf's involvement: No involvement

Updates on 2023 Projects

Last year, the Utah Outdoor Recreation Office awarded a record-setting in grants, funding 90 projects across Utah. Here are updates on some notable disc golf-related projects from 2023 (and the full list):

City of Logan: Logan Outdoor Recreation Complex

  • Grant Amount: $750,000

  • Total Project Cost: $2,392,293

  • Project Details: The Logan Outdoor Recreation Complex is a five-part, 194-acre regional outdoor recreation complex that includes an 85-acre bike trails facility, nature trails connecting nearby neighborhoods, an 18-hole disc golf course on 61.25 acres, an 11-acre dog park, a 24-acre fitness course and adventure playground with multi-generational equipment, and a 2.55-acre neighborhood park. The majority of this project repurposes the closing Logan Landfill and buffer zone, creating a community asset where development would not otherwise be allowed.

ElevateUT Disc Golf's involvement: No involvement

Update: The disc golf course at Logan Outdoor Recreation Complex has yet to be installed. Infinite Discs played a large role in getting this grant funded.

Highland City: Town Center Meadows Park Disc Golf Course

  • Grant Amount: $15,000

  • Total Project Cost: $30,000

  • Project Details: Town Center Meadows Park is a centrally located park in the Highland City community. Highland City Hall, Library, Splash Pad, and Lone Peak Police department are located directly north of this park. This park is accessible via our trail systems as well as offering parking for vehicles.

Update: The 9-hole disc golf course at Town Center Meadows Park in Highland has yet to be installed.

Draper City: Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course

  • Grant Amount: $50,000

  • Total Project Cost: $100,000

  • Project Details: The Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course is planned to be an 18-hole disc golf course located in the existing protected open space north of the Jordan River Rotary Trailhead. The course will be the first disc golf course in the south part of Salt Lake County, and will be designed to cater to those new to the sport. Improvements will include 18 concrete tee-pads, baskets, signs, trailhead kiosk, and benches.

ElevateUT Disc Golf's involvement: Heavily involved, from pitching the idea, to design and assisting project management of the installation and sign design.

Update: The Jordan River Rotary Disc Golf Course in Draper has been installed and is now open to the public. ElevateUT Disc Golf played a pivotal role in getting this grant started.

Engaging ElevateUT Disc Golf in building disc golf courses

It's important to note that out of the three projects from 2023, only one is complete and ready for play. The city of Draper retained the help ElevateUT Disc Golf. The non-profit was involved in every step of the project ensuring a timely installation.

TreeUtah and ElevateUT Disc Golf Grant Update

ElevateUT Disc Golf and TreeUtah pursued a mini grant to extend irrigation and plant trees at the new River Bottoms Disc Golf Course. Unfortunately, the grant was rejected.

According to the feedback received, trees and irrigation were not considered "recreation infrastructure." However, there will be continued conversations with the Outdoor Recreation Grant Office regarding the classification of trees when it comes to being qualified as "infrastructure" on disc golf courses.

Despite this setback, TreeUtah has generously offered to provide $7,500 to match contributions from ElevateUT Disc Golf to still get some trees planted at the course. Efforts will be made to match this funding with other sources to maximize the project's impact.

Bringing Communities Together Through Disc Golf

The projects funded by the Utah Outdoor Recreation Office highlight the growing popularity and benefits of disc golf. By supporting the creation and improvement of disc golf courses, these grants help foster community engagement, promote physical activity, and enhance recreational opportunities across Utah.

At ElevateUT Disc Golf, we are thrilled to see such investments in our sport and look forward to the positive impacts these new courses will have on our communities. While some projects, like the Highland and Logan disc golf courses, are still pending installation, we are excited about the future and the opportunities these courses will provide.

Stay tuned for more updates on these and other projects, and don't forget to grab your discs and explore the new courses as they open! Together, we can elevate the sport of disc golf and create lasting memories in the great outdoors.

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