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Draper Utah Disc Golf: River Bottoms Disc Golf Course

Updated: Apr 23

Draper Disc Golf Course aerial picture


Construction has begun at the new par 58 disc golf course in Draper, Utah: River Bottoms Disc Golf Course. So, what are we building, when will it be available? In this article, we will break down what we are building, when and how you can get involved with the process.

The History of Disc Golf in Draper Utah

In 2022, Scott Belchak of ElevateUT Disc Golf approached Draper Parks Department about a potential use of the land south of 12600 S. In the meeting, it was established the proposed property was owned by Salt Lake County, but they said, "What about this property over here to the north?". Scott went and took a look, and said, "Let's do it.".

That kicked off a flurry of activity, including receiving permission from land managers. The land that holes 1-4 and 16-18 are on are held in a conservation easement by The Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission. They not only approved the project but embraced it with open arms. The project also received a strong response from then head of Salt Lake County Parks, Martin Jensen.

Once the project was scoped out, the grant was assembled and sent off to the Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant Office for funding. UORG is a state funded operation to push money into outdoor recreation, to generate taxable dollars, which in turn, they push right back into outdoor recreation.

The project became the first disc golf course funded with a Tier 1 asset grant and planning began.

The Course

There are two main layouts and designed by Sean Kelley, Nick Lopez and Scott Belchak.

The "Gold" layout which plays to 18 yellow MVP Black Hole Portal 2s, and the "Red" layout which plays to 9 of the yellow baskets and 9 Red MVP Black Hole Portal 2s that are in shorter positions.

9 of the hardest holes have been designated for having the 9 red baskets, allowing advanced level play at the disc golf course while also accommodating those new to the sport and families. This allows the course to be set up for tournament play except for holes 5 & 6, whose tournament positions will require a spotter to ensure pedestrian safety.

Yellow: Par 58 7,269' in length

Red: Par 57 5,929' in length.

Below is a screenshot of the course set up for tournament play, with 5 and 6 in their long positions.

There is also a 9-hole loop if you want to play 1-5 and then 15-18.

Draper Disc Golf Course Map

What is being built?

The installation of the River Bottoms Disc Golf Course in Draper Utah, is segmented into two projects: Concrete and Landscaping.


Concrete work includes:

  • (20) 6'x14' concrete tee pads modelled after the new Creekside Disc Golf Course (the new standard that we are striving for in Utah).

  • (55) disc golf sleeves installed under grade in sprinkler boxes, averaging 3 pin positions per hole, allowing flexibility for changing the course around for different events and daily play.


Landscaping work includes:

Draper Disc Golf Course Map with Irrigation and Tree Plantings

The initial tree and shrub planting is not focused on the disc golf fairways, but more focused on providing shade to players. The 21 trees and 21 shrubs will be split in groups of 3 to allow the beautification of 7 tee pads.

Tee signs

Draper Disc Golf Course Hole 3 Tee Sign, designed by FlyDesign Studio

Tee signs are designed by FlyDesign Studio, a local disc golf tee sign design company, and are designed pro-bono as to put the funds used to design the tee signs back into the course, specifically for the construction and installation of the triple mandatory for hole 9.

It is very important to consult a professional when tee signs are created, to avoid wasting taxpayer money on poorly designed and implemented tee signs, as we see at the new Bingham Creek Regional Park and the newly installed signs at Creekside Disc Golf Course, both Salt Lake County courses.

Draper will be installing a Kiosk at the dedicated disc golf parking area, and signage at each tee pad as well as "Caution Flying Discs" signage for pedestrians entering the disc golf course area.


Work began on River Bottoms this week, and the contractors have until May 15th to complete the work. There will most likely be a few weeks of work left over to mow the property, install signage, create pathing and various small tasks. Plan on the course being open late Spring, Early Summer -- hopefully by early June.

2025 and beyond

ElevateUT Disc Golf 501(c)(3) has teamed up with TreeUtah 501(c)(3) to pursue a mini Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant ($30k of total funding with a $15k cash match) to extend the irrigation and plant an additional (38) trees in the spring of 2025.

The plan is to play the course and learn where trees should be planted with the goals of increasing pedestrian safety, increasing shade for disc golfers, beautifying the park and providing additional challenge for the disc golf course. In that order.

Draper Disc Golf Course Map Phase 2 tree plantings with TreeUtah and ElevateUT Disc Golf

This is all great, but who maintains the property?

Draper has hired a full-time seasonal public servant to be split 50/50 on paved trails and the new disc golf course. What's more, is that the person hired is a disc golfer and will have intimate knowledge of the sport and what is required to make this property shine for the game. They have also purchased a brand-new John Deere tractor and flail mower to ensure that the course is always ready to play.

Imagine what each of our courses would look like with 20 hours a week of a public servant's time. Draper is setting the bar high and putting other cities and counties on notice.

How can you get involved?

Donate your time, talents and treasure!

There will be several calls for volunteers. The first is THIS SATURDAY 9AM to 1PM, when we descend onto the property with shovels in hand to bring DEATH TO THISTLE.

RSVP for free now on Discgolfscene. As part of your free registration, you can donate your treasure by opting to sponsor a tree or buying an ElevateUT disc.

Look for more opportunities to engage soon.

DEATH TO THISTLE Earth Day Celebration

We also need to generate $7,500 for the additional tree plantings. Become an ElevateUT Patreon member today or consider a one-time donation to help purchase a tree (click Donate Now at the top of the page).

Play league!

ElevateUT 2025 logo refresh

In June, ElevateUT Disc Golf Singles League play starts Wednesday nights, 6PM tee. Offering 4 divisions:

The "three strikes and you're up" rule will be in effect to ensure the pools remain fair. Take 1st three times in Beginner and Amateur and it's time to move up!


We look forward to having more options in the Salt Lake Valley to play this wonderful game. If you are a Draper resident, please reach out to your representatives and your parks department and express your appreciation.

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