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Reaching New Heights: Why the Disc Golf Pro Tour Should Embrace Mountain Disc Golf

The 2023 Zoo Town Open has sparked a captivating conversation within the disc golf community. The topic at hand? Whether the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) should prioritize mountain disc golf. While this fresh iteration of the game presents unique challenges and opportunities that could redefine the sport and push players' skills to the limit, it's not without its potential drawbacks. In this discussion, we argue that despite these challenges, the DGPT should place a strategic focus on mountain disc golf. Here's why.

A Distinctive Test of Skills and Adaptability

First and foremost, mountain disc golf pushes the boundaries of what disc golf can be. The game's dynamics change at higher altitudes - discs become more overstable and glide less, altering the way they fly through the air. This forces players to rethink their disc selection, their throw power, and their overall strategies, adding a new and intriguing layer of complexity to the game.

It's not just about understanding the mechanics of each disc in a player's arsenal; it's about knowing how they'll perform under completely different conditions. A disc that performs one way at sea level can behave entirely differently in the mountains. This pushes players to adapt their strategic thinking on the fly, bringing a unique and engaging twist to the sport.

The Physical Factor: Mountain Disc Golf as an Athletic Challenge

Beyond the strategic adjustments required, mountain disc golf also introduces a physical challenge that's often overlooked in traditional courses. Players must navigate steep uphill shots, control the trajectory and power of downhill throws, and hike from hole to hole.

The terrain introduces an additional layer of difficulty, reinforcing the fact that disc golf is as much an athletic endeavor as it is a strategic one. It's not just a test of throwing skills or understanding of the disc's behavior; it's a full-body experience that pushes players' physical endurance and abilities.

Brighton Ski Resort and The Wasatch Wunder: Newly Minted Mountain Courses

The Brighton Ski Resort, a popular ski destination, has recognized the potential of disc golf as a summer activity and is installing a permanent 18-hole course at the top of the Majestic Lift. This creates another opportunity for players to take the chairlift up to the start of the course and play all the way back down to the resort, where they can relax and enjoy a meal and drinks.

Meanwhile, The Wasatch Wunder, nestled within Wasatch Mountain State Park, is another testament to the beauty and challenge of mountain disc golf. Built in 2022 in Midway, Utah, this par 54 course provides breathtaking views of the Heber Valley, while offering one of the most technically challenging lines in the state.

Brighton Joins an Established Mountain Disc Golf Legacy

Brighton isn't alone in recognizing the potential of mountain disc golf. In fact, it joins an already impressive roster of mountain resorts that have embraced the sport. From Beaver Mountain and Solitude Mountain Resort to Brian Head and Canyons Resort, these venues have paved the way for integrating disc golf into their summer activities.

These resorts have demonstrated how mountain disc golf can attract visitors during the off-season, keeping the resorts lively and active throughout the year. Brighton's move to establish a permanent disc golf course not only follows in their successful footsteps but also represents a significant step forward in the expansion of mountain disc golf. The visibility and investment Brighton brings to the table could spark a new wave of growth for mountain courses in Utah.

Central Coast Disc Golf: Putting Utah Mountain Disc Golf Back on the Map

Adding to the increasing popularity and recognition of mountain disc golf, Central Coast Disc Golf, a prominent post-production media team, will be filming the Utah State Championship. This is a significant milestone for the sport and will increase its visibility among a wider audience.

The footage captured at Brighton Ski Resort and The Wasatch Wunder during this tournament will showcase the unique challenges and stunning landscapes of mountain disc golf. This exposure can attract more players and spectators to the sport, contributing to its growth and evolution.

The Potential Drawbacks: Accessibility and Weather Conditions

Despite the clear benefits and unique appeal of mountain disc golf, it's essential to recognize the potential challenges that come with it. The remote locations of mountain courses can make attracting large numbers of spectators difficult. This could potentially impact the revenue generated by these events.

Weather also poses a significant concern. Mountainous regions can have unpredictable weather conditions, which can lead to cancellations or delays, as experienced during the Zoo Town Open.

The Future of Mountain Disc Golf in Utah

Looking ahead, Utah is leading the way in future mountain disc golf development. Thoughtful consideration is being given to the creation of new courses, with a focus on accessibility for spectators. By carefully selecting locations and planning logistics, the state aims to attract larger audiences to these tournaments.

Brighton Ski Resort's significant investment into the sport of disc golf and The Wasatch Wunder's unique challenges reflect this forward-thinking approach. As more mountain courses are built, with spectator accessibility in mind, we can expect to see an even greater shift towards mountain disc golf within the professional circuit.

The Growing Trend: Powder Mountain Rumored to Join the Club

Adding fuel to the disc golf fire, rumors are swirling that Powder Mountain may be the next to join this growing trend. While still unconfirmed, the prospect of another major mountain resort embracing disc golf only underscores the growing interest and potential in this mountain adaptation of the sport.

If these rumors materialize, the disc golf community can look forward to yet another scenic and challenging mountain course, further bolstering the argument for the DGPT to prioritize these high-altitude venues. The consistent addition of mountain courses to prominent resorts illustrates the sustained interest in the sport, and the potential for mountain disc golf to continue reshaping the disc golf landscape.

Conclusion: A Call for Prioritization of Mountain Disc Golf

Mountain disc golf represents an exciting new frontier in the sport, offering a unique and comprehensive test of players' skills and endurance, while showcasing the natural beauty of these high-altitude courses. Despite the challenges, the success of the Zoo Town Open, the anticipation around the Utah State Championship, and the forward-thinking initiatives by venues like Brighton Ski Resort and Wasatch Mountain State Park demonstrate the significant potential of mountain disc golf.

With strategic planning, investment, and adaptability, these challenges can be effectively managed. For these reasons, it's time for the DGPT to prioritize mountain disc golf, propelling the sport to new, literal, and figurative heights.

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