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The WoW: A Popup Mountain Disc Golf Course

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

High-altitude disc golf takes on a whole new meaning with The WoW, an exciting new disc golf course set amidst the stunning mountain terrain of Wasatch Mountain State Park. Situated at a dizzying 8,400 feet of elevation, 45 minutes from downtown Salt Lake and just west of The Wasatch Wunder on Guardsmans Pass, The WoW is ready to redefine the disc golf experience in Utah.

ElevateUT Disc Golf, a local 501(c)(3), is introducing this innovative course. Featuring stunning mountain meadows, aspen groves, sagebrush, dramatic elevations, and meandering rivers, The WoW course blends beautifully with its natural environment. All with an already established parking lot and restrooms. It's a disc golf course designed to challenge players of all skill levels while offering an unforgettable outdoor experience. A par 56 course, clocking in at 5,600' in length. The terrain offers more a more challenging course for permanent install, but we are tiptoeing our way into this property. It will be a mountain course with no required hiking or chairlift to play the course.

Raising the Stakes in Disc Golf Fundraising

The first event to showcase The WoW's unique attributes will be a pair of XC-tier "popup" tournaments held on Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30. These $50, one-round tournaments are a choose-your-own-tee-time event, meaning that flexibility is at the forefront. Whether you wish to play one day or both, the only stipulation is that each group of five players arrive in a single vehicle. So, grab your group of friends and get registered! Non PDGA members can play this tournament.

Player packs are provided by MVP Disc Sports

Those that want to play both days will receive a 50% discount code upon registration for the other day, so $75 get's you two rounds and two discs.

Players who play both rounds will be entered into a drawing for an MVP Black Hole Pro, a Watermelon Voyager Lite bag, a Rover Cart, and 5 MVP discs.

​These tournaments are more than just an exciting new chapter in Utah's disc golf scene. They also serve as a vital fundraising effort for ElevateUT Disc Golf, whose mission is to promote and develop disc golf opportunities throughout the state. The WoW tournament's pro payout will be modest, in line with the PDGA Competition Endowment Program, in order to help raise funds for the future of Utah Disc Golf. All proceeds from the tournament will go to secure state funding for a permanent installation of the course if everything goes well and permission is granted.

A Tale of Two Courses: From The WoW to The Wasatch Wunder

Interestingly, the disc golf journey at Wasatch Mountain State Park began not with The Wasatch Wunder but with the ambitious idea of The WoW. This high-altitude vision was the first idea presented to Wasatch Mountain State Park, and the idea was received warmly. The Wunder was what got created to use up the 9 existing baskets that the State Park had previously acquired.

If the course and tournament is successful, this course will be used as a second course for the Second Annual Wunderfall tournament in October.

By embracing Disc Golf, Wasatch Mountain State Park diversifies the use of their campground and provides significant value to those camping at the 150+ campsites in the park.

A Slow and Steady Approach to Permanency

These two inaugural pop-up events are pivotal for The WoW. By providing a practical layout of the course and generating valuable player feedback, they serve as the perfect opportunity to show the park's management the potential of this venture. The generated revenue and positive player experiences could serve as a strong argument for making The WoW a permanent fixture in Utah's disc golf scene. However, the approach towards permanency is a cautious one, allowing time to learn lessons, adapt to challenges and carefully consider each step forward. Plan on two weekends of play in 2023 with two more in 2024. If all goes well a possible permanent installation spring of 2025.

But wait, there's more!

If you are an avid mountain biker, take this opportunity to camp at Wasatch Mountain State Park, and after your round. Take the WoW trail back to your campsite. Wasatch Mountain State Park offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities for you to enjoy, including The Wasatch Wunder Disc Golf Course.

ElevateUT Patreon Patrons: The Heartbeat of The WoW

ElevateUT Disc Golf is deeply appreciative of the support from ElevateUT Patreon Patrons. As a testament to their pivotal role in shaping the future of disc golf in Utah, all Patrons are entitled to free entry into one day of the inaugural pop-up event. This isn't just a thank-you; it's an acknowledgment of their essential contribution to fostering the sport and realizing projects like The Wasatch Wunder, The Tetons and now, The WoW. Their participation and feedback will serve as a valuable cornerstone in the evolution of this initiative. Here's to our Patrons and the incredible disc golf journey ahead! Please consider becoming a Patron today.

Your participation can contribute significantly to The WoW's extraordinary journey. As the course aims to continue the efforts of high-altitude disc golf in Utah, it not only presents an exciting venture for the present but also promises a bright future for the sport in the state. By joining this voyage, you'll be part of a collective effort to Elevate Utah Disc Golf to new heights.

Don't delay: BOOK YOUR CAMPSITE FOR THE WEEKEND NOW! The campground is a mere 10-minute drive up the mountain to the course, and when you're not competing at the WoW, you might as well be playing The Wunder!

Cheers and see you on the course.

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Really great what you guys are doing and keep up the hard work!


Isaac Robertson
Isaac Robertson
Jun 21, 2023

Well shoot dang.. this has evolved faster than expected and I couldn't be happier about it!

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