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Launching the ElevateUT Disc Golf Impact Grant Program: A Leap Forward for Utah's Disc Golf

A Vision Turned Reality: The Birth of the Impact Grant Program

Hello, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! Scott Belchak here, from ElevateUT Disc Golf. Today, I'm beyond excited to share something that's been in the works and is now ready to take flight: the ElevateUT Disc Golf Impact Grant Program. This program is more than a funding opportunity – it's a dream we've nurtured to see our beloved sport thrive like never before in Utah.

Our Disc Golf Legacy: Setting the Stage

Utah is experiencing a renaissance of disc golf, and as I reflect on our journey, we've come a long way. From the inception of The Wasatch Wunder to the rejuvenation of Creekside Disc Golf Course and the upcoming Draper course, each ElevateUT project has been a stepping stone towards greater achievements. These successes have not only bolstered our spirits but have also underscored the potential of disc golf in uniting and invigorating communities.

2024: The Crucial Pilot Year

As we step into 2024, we're introducing a structured grant program with an initial pool of $15,000. This program is unique in its approach – every dollar granted requires a match from the recipients, effectively doubling the impact of your contributions. And here's the kicker: these projects could further benefit from the Utah Outdoor Recreation grant, potentially quadrupling the initial funds!

Why This Matters Now More Than Ever

The pilot year of this program is not just a test; it's a foundation for what we envision for the future of disc golf in Utah. We're calling on disc golf clubs, local governments, and community organizations to join us in this endeavor. Your participation this year is instrumental in shaping the trajectory of disc golf for years to come.

A Golden Opportunity to Double Your Impact

In an extraordinary show of support, an anonymous donor has pledged to match every dollar we raise this year up to $30,000. This means your donations to ElevateUT Disc Golf will have double the impact – a chance to contribute significantly to the sport’s growth.

Maximizing Impact Through Unique Tournaments

Elevate your game and support our cause by participating in XC-tier tournaments organized by Salt Lake City Tunnel Runners and Thirty Out Productions. Be on the lookout for these events that offer a unique fundraising twist: instead of the usual PDGA fees, a $2 per player contribution goes directly to ElevateUT Disc Golf along with 25% of net entry fees. With a typical field of 100 players at $20, that's $700 funneling straight into local projects. And thanks to our generous anonymous donor, every dollar raised is matched, effectively doubling the impact of each tournament for a $1400 impact. This is a great way to donate to the cause.

Call to Action for Tournament Directors: Are you interested in making a difference through disc golf? We encourage you to run an PDGA Competition Endowment Fundraiser XC-tier tournament! Your initiative can significantly contribute to our efforts. Contact us to start planning your event and turn your passion for disc golf into meaningful community support.

Join Us on This Groundbreaking Journey

As we embark on this ambitious project, your support, be it through applying for a grant, donating, or playing in an ElevateUT tournament, is invaluable. Let's come together to write a new chapter in Utah's disc golf history.

For more information on how to be a part of this exciting new chapter, visit the ElevateUT Disc Golf Impact Grant Program page for all the details.

Let’s make 2024 a landmark year for disc golf in Utah – for the sport, for our communities, and for the future.

Warm regards,

Scott Belchak

Executive Director, ElevateUT Disc Golf 501(c)(3)

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