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Dragonfly Course Cleanup This Saturday

Colby Zimmerman is leading the effort to bring Dragonfly Disc Golf Course back to a well-maintained and playable state. Many have eagerly awaited improvements to the course, and Colby has a plan to have it ready by spring, but he needs your assistance! Phase 1 begins this Saturday, 12/16, at 11:00, where a large group of volunteers will work to prepare the course for the winter season. With enough participants, the entire course can be brought into a more enjoyable condition in just a few hours. Colby invites anyone interested to join for a shotgun start round once the work is complete. Activities include clearing overgrown branches, moving logs, and trimming weeds and grass. Volunteers are encouraged to bring equipment such as loppers, saws, shovels, lawnmowers, and more.

To get a glimpse of the current playable status at Dragonfly Disc Golf Course, watch the available video.

In Phase 2, the city has committed to moving dirt and trimming rough areas accessible by tractor during the winter. They also plan to organize two large cleanup days per year. Additionally, they are working to provide a 72" mower for fairway maintenance in spring and summer.

Phase 3, set for spring, involves documenting the course's improvements, estimating economic impacts, and presenting this information to the city to secure a permanent maintenance budget.

Phase 2 and 3 are dependent on completing Phase 1. Colby has secured commitments from the BYU and UVU disc golf teams, but he calls on everyone available to join this Saturday at 11:00 and demonstrate the community's dedication to enhancing Dragonfly Disc Golf Course. If you can participate, please reach out to Colby Zimmerman at 801-592-7536 in advance. Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference and help the course look its best!

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