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Creekside Open Tournament Recap & Creekside Project Update

The 25th Annual Creekside Open Amateur weekend was a cosmic success! From our UFO theme to those instantly iconic Party Shirts, we have all of you to thank for making this event truly out of this world.

Updates on the Creekside Project

We're still buzzing with excitement, but let's update you on the Creekside Disc Golf Course project. The remaining sleeves and benches will be installed this week. Construction on Hole 1's tee pad is slated for next week, with a grand reopening shortly after the Creekside Open PRO weekend.

Our Phenomenal Sponsors

Heartfelt thanks to our fantastic sponsors: Party Shirt International, CrackShack Chicken Shack, and Another Round Disc Golf, Salt Lake City Franchise. Your $3,000 combined sponsorship catalyzed the event's success.

Divisional Winners

Huge congratulations to our divisional winners:

  • MA1: Kevin Montgomery

  • FA1: Katie Kahrs

  • MA40: Michael Dougherty

  • FA40: Tawni Featherstone

  • MA50: Brett Buttars

  • MA2: Tyler Bodiker

  • FA2: Lisa Aun

  • MA3: Casey Turner

  • FA3: Desiree Carpenter

  • MA4: Kaden Doman

  • FA4: Sarah Love

  • Junior: Kingston Chamberlain

We're thrilled to celebrate your achievements and can't wait to see where your skills take you next.

Upcoming: The Creekside Open PRO Weekend

Are you ready for more? Join the winners of MA1 and FA1, Kevin Montgomery and Katie Kahrs, in their quest to take down the coveted CSO25 MPO and FPO trophy.

There are still 10 spots available for the Creekside Open PRO weekend, so secure your opportunity to compete for a piece of the $3,000 added cash! Register NOW.


Don't Miss the Raffle and Auction!

We've got some incredible items in our raffle, including an orange matching MVP Portal basket, a Kavu disc golf bag, a small Grip bag filled with discs, vintage Creekside Open merchandise, and more! Pro players will receive two raffle tickets as part of their entry, and spectators coming for the final day's lead card action will also get two tickets. Just come to Tournament Central to claim your tickets. You don't have to be present to win, but you do have to be present to get your tickets.

Additionally, we'll be auctioning off an original Creekside artwork piece by David Weaver. Stay tuned for more details!

A Shoutout to MVP Disc Sports

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to MVP Disc Sports. Their generous player packs and a substantial discount on our new MVP Black Hole Portals have been instrumental. MVP is not just a sponsor; they are a partner in developing Utah's disc golf community.

Special shout outs

Huge shout outs to the following people for making this event work:

Ben Marolf, for his first time TD work.

Jacob Beach, for his hole 8 spotting and assistant tournament directing.

Salt Lake County, for coming in huge with the work on the course

Brodie Duncan, on the awesome party shirt design

Hayden Seager and Banner Media, for the awesome design work on the ElevateUT tee signs and banner signage

Sophie Belchak for checkin' ya'll in

Mandie Chamberlain for feeding all of you and making sure that you have plenty of water.

Nick Lopez for his tireless work making sure that the course is beautiful, playable, redesigned and reimplemented.

The Future is Bright

We're just scratching the surface. With the Creekside improvements, engaging events, and a growing community, the future of disc golf in Utah looks more promising than ever.

Remember to register for Utah State Championship and Wunderfall. Utah States has $5,000 added cash, and Wunderfall is a great camping celebration of the end of the season. See you on the course!

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