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Creekside Weekly Update #2: 9/6/23

Another week passes by without our favorite course to play. This week brought a bunch more tee pads and sleeves!

Tee pads

All tee pads have been poured except for the three hard ones: 1, 7, 8.

Hole 1: This tee pad area will be saved for last. The County really wants ALL tee areas to at the course to be free from mud and soil compaction. The thought here is that if all pads have concrete edging the surrounding area of the tee areas, and then back fill with a crushed stone or other hard pack material, it'll accomplish that goal. Next year, the master plan for the park kicks off and unlocks significant additional funding for this effort. Hole 1 will be the counties "showcase" on how they want all tee pads to look moving forward. It's being saved for last to determine just how much budget is left to put this in correctly.

Hole 7 (old 6): The plan is to have ALL tee pads at Creekside uniform in size, material and shape. 2m X 4m. In order for this tee pad to be this size, means that they'll have to build retaining walls and backfill with new soil. This will provide a few benefits outside us having a great tee pad to enjoy.

1) It will backfill topsoil on top of those exposed roots.

2) It will allow a huge tee pad to start at the same spot as the current, allowing us to comfortably use the existing retaining wall as a bench area and hangout zone

3) It'll force users to approach and leave that tee pad area from the appropriate directions, preventing erosion.

Hole 8: This one is just convenient for them to do on the same pour day.


Work has begun auguring all the sleeve positions and installing new sleeves. ALL existing sleeves are being removed and added. 72 in total! They are being added in a uniform manner, inside sprinkler boxes. This allows the mowers to mow without worry about ruining their mower and course equipment while keeping the sleeves out of the elements and providing a nice habitat for creepy large spiders to grow and thrive.

You can see the pictures on how they are installed.

This week

Work will continue on sleeves this week. With one more concrete pour day on the schedule for next week, and hopefully benches installed late next week.

Creekside Open 25

Planning is continuing for the 25th Annual Creekside Open. We have two rounds of 24-holes in store for the amateur field on Saturday the 16th (yes, 48 holes. Bring a diaper). On Sunday, the amateur field have tee times to tackle the 18-hole layout that the pro weekend will play.

We've also reduced hole sponsorship to $20. All hole sponsors will receive 10 raffle tickets for the basket. If you're not aware, we have a BRAND-NEW ORANGE PORTAL V2 that we are raffling. You will have a chance to win a basket the exact age of the new Creekside Baskets!

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