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Creekside Update 8/29/23

Here is your weekly update on what's been happening at the park during construction!

Construction Update

10 out of 20 tee pads have been poured and are complete. You'll see pictures of most of them below.

If you go and walk the park, please be mindful of the work crews, give them space and don't distract them with conversation as you're out there. They have a lot of work to accomplish before CSO 25.

This week, the rest of the tee pads will be poured except for hole 1 and hole 7 (old hole 6). Those two tee pads will require some extra time and effort, as they aren't as straight forward as the rest of them.

One issue that we'll have to deal with this winter is mud. Since we've hugged that park to death, a lot of the tee areas have become quite depressed and had to have a lot of topsoil (literally 32 tons) added around them to bring them up to county approved mower grade.

This will bring with it mud in the wet months. We will have to suffer through this muddy winter out there. Next year, the County has an even larger budget that is tied to the Regional Master Plan. With that budget they are planning on planting many trees and shrubs, and doing significant landscaping to each tee area to introduce hard packed crushed rock. Think of it as our old lady going through puberty again. She'll be an angsty teen this year.

Creekside Open Update

We are just a few weeks away from kickin off the 25th Annual Creekside Open! A couple of notes:

Amateur Weekend Field Expanded

Amateur Weekend field has expanded to 115 players! Since there is so much hype surrounding this, we want to fit as many players onto the course as possible. We will be utilizing the ACROSS THE RIVER holes for Amateur Saturday ONLY. Sunday will have tee times but come prepared for 46 holes of golf on Saturday September 15th.

CSO 25 Party Shirts have arrived!

We have plenty for everyone! All amateurs will receive one in your player pack. They are for sale for $60 and are available only as part of registration for the tournament, so update your registration (follow the link, and click Edit) to include one. You are going to want one of these shirts. I promise. If you aren't playing the tournament and would like a shirt, there is a SHRT "division" available as part of the Amateurs weekend registration that allows you to purchase one of these shirts.

Cheers and see you on the course!

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